First Blog Post

Blogging is about sharing what you see, or want to see in the world. It’s about teaching, sharing, learning.  Children’s issues will be the focus of my blog.  Comments, articles, and links that speak about issues facing children as well as the efforts to make Texas, our county, and our world a safe, loving, encouraging, and supportive place for all children.

So, I will begin with the efforts in Texas to make the foster care system a safer place for children.  Texas is considering three bills to overhaul our current system, including HB 5 which involves turning over the foster care system to private institutions.  In my opinion, the broken Texas foster care system should be fixed, not punted to institutions.



2 thoughts on “First Blog Post”

  1. I agree, privatizing the system will bring out the worse in people, children in the best in people to break the cycle of broken homes. The private prison system is a good example, judges put people in prison and the jail system supports the judges, don’t make foster children pawns in a system run by greedy people


  2. I am I big proponent of privitation (sp?) but I cannot wrap my mind around how this could function as a private institution. (I would be curious if you could put a link to the bill. ) the only upside could be that being private it can remove alot of the bureaucracy that politician are not willing to clean up.. But even with that I would really need to see a details plan as to how it would work. Just saying”privatize” does not automatically make it better.


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