Unintended consequences

Children placed by CPS in a foster or relative home run the risk of being moved from that home at a moment’s notice. Any type of misbehavior on the part of the child may result in phone call to CPS and request to move.
Frequently, the behavior is typical “teenage acting out”. No cooling off period and no counselling with caregiver and child to resolve the issue before a child is plucked from the home and placed somewhere else. The move may separate the child from a sibling and, most likely will result in a new school. CPS needs to make it harder for caregivers to kick children out of their home – perhaps a 24 hour cooling off period, or counselling with caregivers and children to get behavior under control, or maybe even cut funding to foster homes who routinely request removal of kids.

One thought on “Unintended consequences”

  1. Cooling off period is a great idea, Alyson. It’s stressful, raising a teenager ,and stressful BEING a teenager. A sense of humor and teaching resilience also helps.

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